Web Design and Website Development Services

Camellia Media specializes in complete website design, redesign and maintenance solutions for both static and dynamic (database driven) websites. Camellia Media works with you t to customize a service package that suits your needs.


Your website is as an important element in your business marketing toolbox and must fit within an overall branding strategy for your business. Our designers work with you to develop a site that is consistent with the look and feel of your business. We also help if you would like to further develop your company’s brand.


Our experienced team develops websites that comply with agreed-upon web standards and we do this using all the major programming languages. Websites can appear differently depending on which browser a visitor is using. That is why our sites are tested extensively prior to launch to ensure the best possible browser compatibility. Learn more about browser compatibility.

Domain Registration

Do you already have a domain registered? Great! If not, we guide you through the process of choosing a domain name for your site and register your new domain name with one of our preferred registrars.


Without a host your website would have nowhere to live on the world wide web! If you don't already have a web host we can help you register with a provider.

Copy Editing

Communicating effectively on your website is a crucial component of your online marketing strategy. Even the prettiest site looks ugly if the content falls short of the visitor's expectations. Our communication specialists can ensure that you present your business or idea in the best possible light by effectively communicating with your audience.


"Thanks so much for your goodwill and your extraordinary talents. You have made this whole journey a pleasure. And your work will live on to enhance SLR for years to come." - Society for Learning in Retirement London | Brochure and Info sheet design, 2011

"Hey....saw your website – great job. We really like the look and layout of it and it is very easy to manoeuvre through. Great info on there too – Well Done!" - a client of Angus Shuttleworth www.shuttleworthca.com

"Thank you so much for making this such an enjoyable and easy process for us." - Society for Learning in Retirement London | Logo and non-profit branding, 2010

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