Meet the Website Design + Web Development Team

The knowledgeable team at Camellia Media is dedicated to helping you connect with the public and others while building a solid image for your business, your idea or yourself.

Dana Van Gorp | Designer and Developer

Dana’s creativity and boundless energy are what attract new clients and her constant stream of fresh ideas keep them coming back for more. She combines a straightforward approach to layout and design with a passion for simplicity and style. Dana’s problem-solving skills are instrumental to developing websites that best suit her clients’ needs. Her education and experience working in communications and web design for both large and small organizations have given her the skills needed to see multiple projects through to completion simultaneously. Dana’s eye for details and passion for organization and order further enhance her ability to manage the business of design.

Denis LePage | Developer

Denis has a fascination for all things “data” and a passion for structure. These qualities have earned him the role of key PHP and MySQL developer at Camellia Media. Denis has over 30 years experience working in both business and education. He has owned several successful small businesses and held senior positions in medium and large corporations. Working in the digital world of information technology. Denis holds a BSc in Computer Science from Brock University as well as a BSc degree from the University of Western Ontario.

Jordie LePage | Designer

Jordie’s is a skilled photographer and designer with an eye for simplicity and style. He teams up with Camellia Media to develop graphics for the web as well as corporate branding material. He has mastered traditional photography techniques and has a solid understanding of digital methods. Jordie has shot and published photos for many well-known names including Vans Shoes, Redline Bikes, Ride BMX UK, Snowboard Canada, Red BMX Magazine, Absinthe Films and UpDown Magazine. Jordie’s creativity spans across a variety of media. He is a skilled film maker, cover artist, promotional material developer and screen printer. He pursued an education at Focal Point Visual Arts Learning Center in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Rachel Shuttleworth | Copywriter

Creative and captivating content is key to attracting the visitors to your website. Rachel is Camellia Media’s word wizard and skillfully cuts through the clutter to get your message across. Rachel’s is an experienced communicator who has worked in public and media relations, marketing and corporate communications. She worked in medium and large organizations in Toronto and Ottawa. She earned a BA Honours in Communications from the University of Ottawa and is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

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